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Reactor Engineer

A Nuclear Engineering degree is required.



Seeking a Reactor Engineer with PWR core experience to work in the Nuclear Engineering group at Wolf Creek. Experience with core-modeling software, core metrics, and regulatory requirements as they relate to commercial nuclear engineering preferred. Prior experience as a Nuclear Engineer at a commercial nuclear facility with a PWR is strongly desired.


May include physics testing; core performance and reactivity instrumentation monitoring and trending; performing fluxmaps and reactivity surveillances (e.g. Shutdown Margin Determination, Estimated Critical Position, Peaking Factor); using and maintaining BEACON TSM (Technical Specification Monitor); developing reactivity plans for power maneuvers; fuel movement coordination; fuel inspection, and evaluation; system responsibilities (nuclear instrumentation, loose parts monitoring, refueling equipment, flux mapping); Special Nuclear Material inventory & reporting, and ERO (Emergency Response Organization) support.

Position requires excellent engineering problem solving skills and application of advanced or complex engineering calculations, concepts and principles. Knowledge base must exist within a special engineering discipline to properly evaluate and manage broad scope and larger value projects.

Relevant experience for these positions is defined as professional level experience in engineering, engineering support or nuclear plant operations and support. The incumbent must possess engineering expertise related to the general area of assignment such as electrical, mechanical, civil, nuclear, etc.

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